Frequently Asked Questions

About Create®

What is Create®?
Who is Brighton Health Plan Solutions?
How is Create® different from MagnaCare?
How was I selected to participate in Create®?
How do I check my participation status in Create®?

Join the Network

How do I join the Create® network?
How long does the application process take?
How do I check the status of my application to join the network?
How do we add an individual physician to our group practice?
How do I access Create® Provider Service portal?

Billing & Claims

Can I submit claims electronically?
How can I check the status of a claim?
Can I view the Remittance Advice (RA) on your portal?
I have a question regarding my payment. How do I get help?
How long does it take for claims to get paid?
Will I get a paper check or an electronic remittance?
Do you offer payments using EZ Pay?
Will I have to pay a service fee for the single use credit card?
Do you accept ICD 10 claims?
How do I submit a payment dispute?

Eligibility and Benefits

How do I identify a Create® member?
How do I read a Create® ID card?
How do I check the eligibility of a patient?
How can I service my patient who forgot their ID card?

Portal - Login and Registration

What capabilities do you provide on your Portal?
We are a Billing company (RCM). How do we register?
We already have access to the MagnaCare Portal. Do I need to register again for Create® portal?
What access levels do you provide on your portal?
Can a super-user add more users?
Who do I contact for portal-related issues?

Pre-certification and Transition of Care (TOC) requests

How do I find out what services require pre-certification?
How do I submit precertification requests?
Can I submit pre-certification online?
How can I check on the status of a pre-certification that was already submitted?
My patient signed up for a Create® plan, but is still under my care for an ongoing treatment. Do you offer a Transition of Care program?
My patient requires services that are not available in the patient’s network. What is Create® policy in this situation?
How can I appeal a Transition of Care denial?
Can I request a peer review for Transition of Care?
How can I help my patient who requires a case manager?